Arrival electric vehicles: the ultimate new campervan conversion?

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Based in Banbury, Arrival has already been contracted to supply a small fleet of the electric vans to the Royal Mail. We look at the potential for custom campervan conversions and have drawn up a concept.


The Arrival Smart Electric Vans are sleek, futuristic and not to mention cute - but beyond their good looks, they offer some serious benefits for vanlifers.

Because they’re made from ultra-leightweight composite materials, Arrival says the trucks cost 50% less to run than traditional petrol or diesel vehicles.

The smart electric vans are also fully electric and produce zero emissions or noise, so it’s no surprise Royal Mail quickly signed up to trial a nine vehicles in London where air and noise pollution are serious problems.

The Royal Mail roll-out started towards the end of last year and follows a successful trial with UPS in London and Paris dating back to 2016.

But here at Vanlifer, we can see the potential for converting the Arrival Smart Electric Vans into campervans.


Arrival electric vehicle specs

We don’t yet know too much about the Smart Electric Vans’ specs and dimensions, we just know that there’s three sizes:

  • 3.5 ton
  • 6 ton
  • 7.5-ton


Arrival electric van price

Unfortunately, we also don’t know this yet as the electric vehicles aren’t yet available to the public.

But as soon as we get more information on their specs and price, we’ll be sure to update this page!!

Converting an Arrival electric van into a camper

Here at Vanlifer, we’re very excited about the thought of one day converting these beauties into campervans.

They have a range of more than 150 miles (240km) meaning they’ll be great for those who don’t like to travel too far in one day and take their time (which is what the vanlife is all about).

As well, the vehicles come equipped with a highly advanced vehicle display and the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to reduce driver fatigue and improve safety - which is always a win in our books.

Arrival electric van camper concept

Here’s a quick concept visualisation we drew up if we were to convert it into a campervan:


arrival electric vans campervan conversions custom campervan conversions electric campervans vanlife

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