Tesla Semi campervan concept: introducing the Vanlifer Semi-Home

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The Tesla Semi with enhanced autopilot and a range of up to 500 miles on a single charge is very exciting - here at Vanlifer, we see it as the future of electric motorhomes, campervans and RVs.

We’ve designed a concept motorhome build which would be built onto the back of the Tesla Semi - Tesla’s class 8 electric truck. The Tesla Semi could make the world’s first long-range all-electric motorhome or RV.

The case for a Tesla Semi-Home

The motorhome build would fit onto the back of the Tesla Semi so you would only need minimal modification the chassis, but just add the composite structure onto the back.

Our concept Tesla Semi-Home is a six-berth with a full kitchen, living space, toilet and all the other luxuries of high-end motorhomes and RVs.

Check out our render of a concept Tesla Semi-Home and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Vanlifer founder, Jason Hablous says:

'So far this is a concept, but we are working on creating an accurate 3D model which will be used for quoting to see if this is a viable project.

'Of course, we'll only know for sure once the Tesla Semi is launched whether it's something that could ever go ahead - but we're hopeful.'

Why a Tesla Semi?

Not only does the Tesla Semi promise a fuel saving of $200,000 over two years based on the mileage of a freight truck (so in fairness would be less for a leisure vehicle), it’s range of up to 500 miles (fully loaded) makes it ideal for motorhomes so you can clock up some big drive days without the accompanying gas-guzzling guilt.

Tesla also claims the Semi will have a max tow weight of 80,000 (36 tonnes) - which is more than enough for a motorhome on the back.

Tesla says its Semi has a drag coefficient better than that of the Bugatti Chiron and won’t breakdown for a million miles because it’s capable of running on two of its four motors.

Vanlifer Tesla Semi Home - electric motorhome concept. Tesla Semi drag vs Bugatti Chiron

The enhanced autopilot also has us really excited as it means the driver has more time to take in the scenery of the drive, rather than worrying about the driving itself.

And the central seating position with its pair of touch screens looks to be perhaps the most comfortable cab we’ve ever seen.

Vanlifer Tesla Semi concept motorhome fully electric driver cab

And lastly, the Tesla Semi only costs $180,000 - which really isn’t much for a luxury, high-end motorhome, especially when you take into account the phenomenal fuel savings.

Tesla says the Semi will enter production in 2019 and is already taking reservations at $20,000 per truck.

What do you think? Are you as excited as us about this potential? 

Your questions about the Tesla Semi answered

How much is the Tesla semi?

Expected base price (Up to 300 mile range): $150,000

Expected base price (Up to 500 mile range): $180,000

Base reservation: $20,000

Predicted fuel savings:  $200,000+ 

Is Tesla making a semi truck?

Yes - Tesla is making a semi truck. It’s called the Tesla Semi and is going into production in 2019. Tesla is already taking reservations.

How does the Tesla Semi work?

The Tesla Semi’s very large batteries sit under the cab and work like other Tesla vehicles - once charged, they power the Semi for a distance of between 300 to 500 miles, depending on the model.

After that they will need to be recharged at a charging station.

The Tesla Semi has four motors - the same as those used in the Model 3 - which power its four wheels on the rear axis.

Tesla claims the Semi won’t breakdown for a million miles because it’s able to run on two of these motors at a time.


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  • I am excited about the vanlife. must haves: starlink-stand on rooftop with quick pull up and down mechanism. 220 V power for laptop/computer. heatpump for economic interior temperature control. full shut down windows with 100 % light sealing (no outsider can figure out if someone is inside or not for enhanced safety reasons and vandalism protection). automatic secret fresh air ventilation with cross flow heat exchanger. 2 way dry toilet system with electronic deduction of odor to the outside and seperation of liquids with dumping mechanism into nature. battery-pack insulation against extreme cold during night.

    andee300 on
  • I had this idea before I read your post. My previous idea was a Tesla Cybertruck pulling a mobile trailer home. But the Tesla Semi as a mobile home makes much more sense. I believe as climate change takes hold more people will be living a nomadic lifestyle and this would be a perfect fit for that. One idea that needs to be added is to cover this mobile home in a thin solar collector wrapper. That is a technology that is not too far away.

    Martin Bebow on
  • This would fit well in the new work-from-home world. Young tech professionals don’t care about owning property. They would rather combine travel and work. Couple this with Starlink and integrated solar…full autonomy.

    Kevin on
  • please do do do make this campervan so cool!!! I do not have $200k but if I had….

    carolien on
  • I think iy is just way too big. you can not take it in to the mountains, you will get stuck everywhere in the tunnels in Zwitserland and anywhere else in the Alpes. Besides take the ferry is also very pricy and on some trajects impossible. But maybe the people who spend $200k are not great avontureers anyway.

    steven on

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