Basic Side Vector
Basic Side Vector
Basic Side Vector

Basic Side Vector

Are you a campervan owner? Why not get a piece of art to represent your travelling vanlife home.

With this Basic Side Vector, you'll get a vector side view representation of your camper (or any other vehicle) which you be able to print out, stick on a wall, print on a tee or use it as an Instagram and/or Facebook profile pic.

You'll get high res files to use however you please.


1. Please use the above upload buttons to upload a straight on side-view of your vehicle.

 2. I'll take your photo and create a vector representation of your vehicle. 

3. Via email you'll receive the files, feel free to request the files at any size. 


Upload a "side view" photo of your camper van or vehicle.


The more photos the better, so feel free to email additional campervan or vanlife photos via my email on the contact page.

By commissioning this illustration you are also consenting to the designer publishing it to social media accounts. Please get in touch if you don’t want your handle to be included.

The funds go towards my vanlife travels and camper conversation, so enjoy feeling like you're playing a part in helping this vanlifer get one step closer to living his digital nomad dream.

Vanlifer - Jason