Vanlife Illustration
Vanlife Illustration

Vanlife Illustration

Due to an overwhelming demand I will be limiting the illustrations to 3 per week of each type. If this one is sold out flick me a message or  maybe consider one of the other types. Thanks guys! 

 Led time is currently 1 - 3 weeks

Are you a campervan owner? Why not get a custom doodle illustrated of your camper?

With the custom illustration you'll receive:

- A custom illustration of your camper van

- All the files need for printing on t-shirts posters, or even drink from a mug! 

If you would like a tee-shirt, poster or anything else with your new illustration printed on it, feel free to contact me and I can arrange this. 


Upload the following three photos of your camper van or vehicle.




Make sure you also send additional photos of what you would like the surround to look like. The more photos the better, so feel free to email additional campervan or vanlife photos via my email on the contact page.

By commissioning this illustration you are also consenting to the designer publishing it to social media accounts. Please get in touch if you don’t want your handle to be included.

The funds go towards my vanlife travels and camper conversation, so enjoy feeling like you're playing a part in helping this vanlifer get one step closer to living his digital nomad dream.

Vanlifer - Jason